New Dorp High School

The school has between 450 and 500 enrolled students in the department of instructional support. The population consists of students with learning disabilities, emotionally disturbed and other health impaired students including speech, language and hearing impaired. Students are placed in one of eight small learning communities to foster their development in areas of need. Currently 1/3 of the graduating class goes on to college and 1/3 seeks services through VESID which is a vocational resource for special students affording job training and placement. The remaining students enter the workforce.

Susan E. Wagner High School

The Instructional Support Services (ISS) at Susan E. Wagner High School offers a wide array of services and is one of the more diverse programs in New York City day high schools. These services are consistent with the philosophy of IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 1997): students are more alike than different and integrating programs and resources result in improved student outcomes for all.

Ralph R. McKee Career and Technical Education High School

The school promotes career-technical opportunities through student engaged project based learning, apprenticeships and academic excellence. They offer state of the art programs in Information Technology (Cisco, Computer Applications and Maintenance) as well as Pre-Engineering, Construction, Cosmetology, auto Service/Repair, Graphic Arts.

Port Richmond High School

An academic comprehensive high school in the New York City Public School System. Located on the north shore of Staten Island, “Port” has a diverse population of approximately 2600 students. The school currently serves the many fine neighborhood communities on the north and west shores including Port Richmond, Mariner’s Harbor, Westerleigh, Bull’s Head, New Springville, and Travis.

Curtis High School

Curtis was founded in 1904 and was the first high school on Staten Island.  Curtis has a population of approximately 2800 students within 10 small learning communities.  All students pursue rigorous academic curricula that prepare them to be competitive in the college application process.

Tottenville High School

Tottenville is the largest high school on Staten Island with approximately 4000 students.  Over 1000 students are enrolled in eight federally fund, Career and Technical Education programs since 1991 that combine college and career preparation. Programs are endorsed and approved by the New York State Education Department and involve a collaboration with business, colleges and universities with highly trained professionals with licenses in teaching and trained in their professions. The eight programs that exists are: Medical Laboratory and Assisting Program in Biotechnology and Microbiology, Dental Laboratory and Assisting Program, CISCO Academy, Culinary Arts, Automotive Technologies, Finance Academy, E-commerce/ Marketing OVEA, and Law Academy.

Petrides High School

The Michael J. Petrides School, enjoys college-level resources like studios, labs, lecture halls, and performance spaces while serving students from kindergarten through high-school graduation. The school opened in 1995, had its first graduating class in 2001, and has graduated its first group to complete all 13 years of schooling in 2008.  All classes contain a mix of students of different abilities. District 75, which enrolls children with severe disabilities, has a separate program at the Petrides complex, as part of PS 37.”

CSI High School

CSI High School’s consistent, curriculum-wide emphasis on the infusion of international content and study of international issues provides a unifying framework for the school’s instructional program. This theme not only provides a common focus in the development and adaptation of course content, it stimulates the development of common habits of mind such as analyzing the validity of information from a variety of perspectives, exploring and understanding linkages across cultural, economic and political lines, and understanding the significance of the past with respect to current events.

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Concord High School

The school has a population of about 160 students. This is a six year school. Many of the students here transfer from other schools where they are having academic difficulties. Students are integrated into all classes and there are resource rooms for students to benefit from such individualized instruction. There is a low faculty to student ratio and many of the students excel and go on to college.

Gaynor McCown High School 

The school is a safe, inclusive and academically rigorous college preparatory learning community focused on developing both the scholarship and character of its students. In partnership with New York City Outward Bound Schools and the EL Education national network, students learn through in-depth case studies and Expeditions, enabling them to make real world connections to their learning, as well as develop skills to be independent thinkers, problem solvers, and global citizens.

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